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Even more languages

After Bulgarian, Catalan, Dutch and Svedish now also Romanian language has been added. Many thanks to LZ1VKI, EA3W, PD9DP, SA6WAL, YO2OS

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SWL/IZ3010SWL SP7QBA 05:18FT8 
VE7WNK K7HPN 05:17FT8 
IS0SLM M5WNS 05:17FT8 
WP4J F6ECI 05:17FT8 
OD5PY RL60YG 05:17CW 
F4FSY RM60YG 05:17FT8 
K6RCS VE7ADO 05:17FT8 
IU6OMV 4Z5PQ 05:17SSB 
RV3LE HF9D 05:17FT8 
IK4LZH 4X2R 05:17USB 
Top users (last week)
DL9DAC Max distance94,189
IK4LZH Numbers of QSO2,102
KP2B Sum distance8,559,099
M0RTP Number of countries119
R2AAR Best QSL card5
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THE HOLYLAND DX until 21:00
TARA Skirmish until 23:59
CQMM DX from Today 12:00
EU Sprint Spring SSB from Today 16:00
Feld Hell Sprint from Today 20:00
DCI Speed from Tomorrow 08:00

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IZ5RZS: You have worked Trinidad & Tobago. Just reached 86 countries!


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